Virtual Network Security Platform

Intelligent threat protection for virtual networks

Expand network protection across virtualized environments

McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform delivers a complete network security solution ready for the unique demands of private, public, and hybrid clouds.


Find and block threats

Built as a virtual instance of our award-winning intrusion prevention system (IPS), McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform discovers and blocks advanced threats in virtual environments, software-defined data centers (SDDCs), private and public clouds including Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure environments.

Increase network visibility

By delivering east-west network visibility with cutting-edge inspection techniques, McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform provides dedicated threat protection across virtualized infrastructure and data centers.

Adapt security to your business needs

With support for major virtualization platforms, including VMware NSX and OpenStack/KVM, you can scale security to meet the changing dynamics of virtualized workloads.

Scale across all clouds with one license

Built with a shared licensing and throughput model, one purchase allows administrators to easily install and share inspection throughput across all private, public, and hybrid clouds at once.

Secure vulnerabilities in the private, public, and hybrid cloud

Embrace the power of network virtualization

Support for network virtualization in VMware NSX and OpenStack allows security to keep pace with the dynamic nature of private and hybrid clouds. Simplify SDDC administration by easily delivering visibility and security to virtual workloads as they are created and moved.

Patch known vulnerabilities and stop unknown threats

Use multiple signature-less technologies to stop never-before-seen attacks for which no signatures exist. Use industry-leading IPS signatures to patch software vulnerabilities of new and unknown servers sprawling across your private and hybrid clouds.

Unify your security posture

Get a single pane of glass to unify security across physical and virtual networks. Multiple integration options allow sharing of threat data, so connected devices can learn and respond to threats in real time.

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