Your business needs to run 24/7. Recovering from IT issues means business disruption. Disruption you can ill-afford. Continuous Availability approach detects application failures and IT outages before recovery is required, and automatically switches the business to other servers to avoid business downtime. With the lowest total cost of ownership and widest scope of protection will protect your business

Why Replication & High Availability

The reality in today’s global businesses is that downtime cannot be tolerated for vital applications. The most critical applications include Email platforms such as Exchange, Lotus Domino, Mobile Platforms such as BlackBerry, Collaboration Platforms such as SharePoint and a myriad of applications that rely on SQL Server. Additionally, IT professionals everywhere are implementing Virtualization for a variety of business needs, most notably server consolidation and rapid system provisioning.

High availability is not just about data but also about the ability to continue with business regardless of the type of failure. For today's organizations, high availability is essential, especially in industries with strict compliance and regulatory requirements such as financial services, legal and government. The pressures to maintain business continuity have never been greater. Industry regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA for financial services and FEMA FRPG for government require that users remain seamlessly connected to their applications and data. Organizations also realize that unexpected downtime can result in customer dissatisfaction, brand devaluation, reduced shareholder value and lost productivity.

Most approaches to Business Continuity talk in terms of recovery. But recovery means business disruption. Recovery Point Objectives of close to zero data loss may be met, but how long does it take to recover the data? Recovery Time Objectives of close to zero may also be claimed, but in most situations there is a gap between data recovery and the business coming on line after real or man-made disasters as operating systems and applications need to be rebuilt.

Key Features

  • Higher levels of availability than typical failover solutions
  • Transparent operation that automates and simplifies application availability
  • Provides server reliability in addition to cluster-class automated switch-over and switchback in the event of
    server failure
  • Pro-actively seeks out and identifies potential problems in configuration and the system environment during
    operation, and recommends fixes before they cause server failure
  • Addresses failures in the entire application environment - data. OS, server, network and application. Most
    HA cluster solutions address only one type of failure
  • Delivers out-of-the-box, end-to-end protection for Microsoft SQL, Exchange, IIS, Sharepoint, Fileserver
    Lotus Domino BlackBerry VMware vCenter Server and other Windows applications
  • Solutions for local, near distance and long distance availability and data protection
  • Sophisticated error detection is faster and more reliable than simple heartbeats
  • Integrate both physical and virtual environments in your data protection and disaster recovery plans
  • Up to 36% lower acquisition cost than other options - and 55% lower administrative and maintenance costs
    than clusters
  • Our Compute Thru technology ensures transaction integrity and keeps client services running 24x7