Data security for the cloud era

High Security Cloud is a cloud access security broker (CASB) that protects data where it lives today, with a solution that was built natively in the cloud, for the cloud. It’s cloud-native data security.

Key use cases

Enforce data loss prevention (DLP) policies across data in the cloud

Prevent unauthorized sharing of sensitive data with the wrong people

Detect granular file and folder permissions, including all owners, editors, and viewers, and enforce collaboration policies in real time by downgrading or removing permissions and revoking links.

Block sync/download of corporate data to personal devices

Use contextual access information, including device operating system and management status to enforce access policies that prevent the download of sensitive corporate data to untrusted devices.

Detect compromised accounts, insider threats, and malware

Leverage machine learning to build behaviour models that detect active account compromise and insider threats, and apply signatures and sandboxing to identify malware in the cloud and stop threats.

Encrypt cloud data with encryption keys that only you control

Encrypt your sensitive data in the cloud using encryption keys you control while preserving functions such as search. No third parties, not even the cloud provider, can access your encrypted data.

Audit and tighten the security settings of cloud services

Monitor and audit the security configuration of cloud services and get suggested modifications to improve your security posture based on industry best practices, such as auditing and tightening user permissions.

Understand cloud services in use and their risk profile

View a summary of cloud services in use and the risk profile of those services with a 1-10 CloudTrust rating, based on the Cloud Security Alliance protocol, to enforce risk-based policies.

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