IT infrastructures typically comprise of a number of servers operating in conjunction to offer a service. Often, a problem with one component can ripple and affect all the other components. Consequently, operators are confronted with a flood of alarms reporting a variety of different failures. Sifting through the alarms and determining where the root-cause of the problem may lie is a time-consuming, laborious process. Moreover, a significant amount of expertise is essential to effectively troubleshoot problems. Correlation technology embedded in monitoring solutions can significantly reduce the burden on operators, by pointing them directly to the root-cause of problems. Our Suite includes specialized heuristics incorporated into the manager software to enable problem diagnosis at a single mouse click!

Monitoring solution is critical for on-going support of an IT infrastructure. A few of the ways in which on-going monitoring can help include:

  • Detection of problems soon after they begin - so you can find problems before your users do
  • Baseline your IT infrastructure, so you can understand the normal usage of your infrastructure so as to be able to detect anomalies (baseline violations) when they happen (e.g., a sudden surge in usage, a hack attack, etc.)
  • Analysis of the degree of loading of the different IT infrastructure components and to effectively plan for capacity upgrades

An ideal monitoring solution should be able to: Perform integrated monitoring (i.e., network, system, and application monitoring) of your IT infrastructure

    • Provide actionable information, not raw data and thereby minimize the amount of human intervention necessary to operate it
    • Automatically differentiate between the cause and effect of problems when they happen
    • Proactively detect and alert operators of problems before these problems affect the user experience

    Operating Environments Supported

    • Microsoft Windows  (200820032000, XP, 2000 Prof)
    • Linux Solaris(5.6-5.10) AIX Tru64, Netware, OS/400
    • VMware

    Hardware Monitor

    The need for monitoring applications and software is unquestionable, but monitoring of the hardware is equally important. Sometimes, a malfunctioning hardware component can cause server downtime, thereby adversely impacting the performance of a critical business service. Detecting and fixing a hardware problem on time can increase service uptime and enhance customer satisfaction. Furthermore, if a hardware failure is not identified and addressed on time, it could cause irreparable damage to the hardware, bring down critical IT services, cause colossal data loss, and catapult maintenance costs.


    An integrated multi-vendor monitoring solution: monitor the status and performance of multi-vendor, multi-platform hardware components at anytime, from anywhere, from a central web console. Administrators no longer need a separate console for HP hardware, another for Dell, another for Sun, and so on.

    Leverages investment in existing hardware and monitoring agents: integrates with HP Insight, Dell OpenManage, and IBM Director, so you can leverage your existing deployment of hardware agents

    Flexible monitoring options: allows you the flexibility to choose between the agent-based and agent less approaches to monitoring hardware.

    Proactive planning and enhanced server uptime:  enables you to collect, consolidate, and present a wealth of performance results pertaining to the monitored hardware. This information is critical for historical analysis, trending, and proactive planning, so that server downtimes can be minimized.

    Proactive alerting: Instantly be notified of hardware and software issues, in many cases well before the actual failure occurs. Administrators can thus initiate corrective actions very early in the process, thereby ensuring minimal or no impact on the service performance.

    Automatic correlation and accurate root-cause diagnosis:  you can look across hardware and software layers of a server, automatically correlate performance across these layers, and accurately identify the root-cause of problems

IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solutions