business protection for your computers, mobiles and servers

Protection Service for Business is the best, most comprehensive endpoint security package on the market. It's designed from the ground up to solve challenging business security needs, without significant maintenance or management overhead. It protects all your devices against all threats, like ransomware and data breaches. And it includes security for Windows and Mac computers, iOS and Android smartphones, a variety of server platforms, and password protection.


Endpoint security, made simple and cost-effective

Protect your organization with industry-leading security that's easy to deploy and manage. Protection Service for Business sets new standards in securing your endpoints, communication, collaboration, and data storage, at a very attractive total cost of ownership.


F-Secure is the only vendor to win the ‘Best Protection' award from AV-Test five times since its inception in 2011.
As the only cyber security vendor to win the ‘Best Protection' award from AV-Test five times since 2011, we can be trusted to deliver the best security, now and into the future.


A powerful and comprehensive business endpoint protection in one package, ensuring best value.By merging your endpoint security into one unified package, we deliver better, broader, and more cost-efficient protection.



Straightforward and scalable deployment. Deploying endpoint security clients is simple. AV-Comparatives described installation as "no more difficult than installing iTunes".


Simplifies and streamlines security management, reducing the time and resources required. Thanks to consolidated, streamlined management, automatic client and database updates, and automated patch management.


No need to invest in server hardware, software, or maintenance. No need to spend time and money deploying or maintaining servers—all you need to manage your endpoint security is a browser.


Cost-effective, open integration with any central management tool. Can be used as part of a larger security ecosystem, managed via a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution or Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM).


The only unified multi-endpoint security solution with integrated Patch Management, Mobile Device Management and Password Manager. High-end security tools are included in the package, giving you better and broader security capabilities with your existing security budget.


Designed from the ground up to be manageable without dedicated security know-how. Designed to work without IT security expertise for cost-efficient administration, freeing security experts to focus on more challenging and valuable tasks.

Designed to simplify the demanding security needs of today's organizations

on-site business security solution that offers the best continuous protection for your organization by combining the best of accumulated expertise, advanced technologies, and modern, cutting-edge features with full on-site control. It is a full protection bundle designed to cover the demanding business security needs from gateway to endpoint.

  • Layered protection to protect your assets from gateway to endpoint
  • Best protection levels covering both known vulnerabilities and new, emerging threats
  • Advanced management features to allow you full control of your organization's IT security
  • Less work through automation of daily tasks
  • Less hassle with a scalable all-in-one package with flexible and transparent licensing for organizations of all sizes

A smarter way to protect your endpoints

The complexity of both online threats, and the business environment is likely to grow in the future. Therefore, you need a business security solution that will help you manage that complexity. With Business Suite you get:
Better visibility into the state of your security across the company network
Scalability for changing needs and demanding environments
Centralized control over every user and endpoint so you can deploy the right policies


Control your business security

Efficient prevention is a core element of cyber security. With Business Suite, you get total security and peace of mind. The powerful control and management features allow you to manage security according to your own security policies and guidelines.

  • Easy to manage
  • Excellent administrator control and reporting
  • Increased security through browsing controls that reduce human error
  • Airtight end-to-end security

Much more than anti-malware

Designed for both physical and virtual environments, Business Suite provides granular central security management and layered protection against malware and other cyber threats from gateway to endpoint, with additional security features to support organizations of all kinds in their cyber security challenges.

  • Laptop and desktop protection for both physical and virtual environments
  • Full range of server protection
  • Email, Web, and FTP protection
  • Automatic software updates


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