Disk Management

You've come to rely on your servers for providing mission-critical applications for your customers, employees, and partners to conduct business. Because these resources need to be available 24 X 7 you need reliable management tools that provide better data protection, minimize server downtime and allow you to perform needed maintenance ensuring maximum server performance provides you with powerful partition and hard disk management utilities to ensure your servers are running efficiently.

Partition Manager

Partition Manager allows you to automatically or manually merge, split, resize, copy, and move partitions without losing data. It also lets you reorganize the hard disk drive structure, optimize disk space usage and much more. Sets a new partitioning and design standards. Now everyone can be insulated from the task using goal-oriented wizards, but experienced users can access a wide array of advanced functions. Our exclusive product design includes:

  • Automatic mode for non-experienced users and manual mode for advanced users.
  • Targeted wizard-driven automatic partitioning for non-technical users.
  • A big number of features with complete manual control for experienced users

Partition Recovery

Partition Recovery completely protects your data, allowing you to recover deleted or lost partitions. You must have this program, if you care about your data safety and wish to be fully armed and ready for any personal, hard- or software failure, virus attack or hacker's intrusive destruction. If your server becomes unbootable after a power outage or a system error, you can recover it instantly

  • Supported file systems: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HPFS, Linux Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFS, Linux Swap
  • Automatic and Manual recovery mode selections
  • Independent work from bootable CDs or diskettes enables you to recover partitions even if your operating
    system fails to boot
  • Supports large disks over 180 GB
  • A Windows XP-like wizard styled interface for superior usability and ease of use

Disk Editor

Disk Editor is a disk drive repair tool that allows you to perform advanced operations on your hard disk drive, such as restoration of boot records and hexadecimal editing. Quite often problems can arise with hard disk drives that cannot be solved without a technically advanced disk editor. Such problems include: back up, copying, and/or recovery important data areas of a hard drive; search and/or extraction of information that was removed by accident or lost due to different soft- and hardware failures or virus attack.

  • Allows you to edit content of a hard disk and its partitions
  • Supports IDE, SCSI, USB, IEEE 1394 hard disk drives
  • Works from bootable media if a PC fails to boot
  • Allows you to view hard disk partition contents in a hexadecimal mode
  • Supports additional viewing modes that allows you to work effectively with all disk data storage structures like
    Partition tables, FAT and NTFS partition boot sectors, root and other FAT folders
  • Pending execution allows