The multiplier for your system! You regularly face the challenge of setting up new servers and workstations and you want to deploy an enterprise-wide standard configuration of your operating system, settings, and applications. Take the efficient route! From now on, you can spare yourself the trouble of expensive and time- consuming manual distribution.

System deployment across the corporate desktop and server environment. Incorporating award-winning and proven disk imaging technology, offers hands-free deployment, including scheduling, Wake-on-LAN support and centralized management.

Organizations can deploy a single image to multiple hardware configurations and dissimilar hardware platforms from one master build. Communication between master and target machines is encrypted during the deployment process.

We offer flexible, customizable deployment options - standalone, custom or event-driven deployment. Options include the ability to deploy entire disks images or selected partitions, and to schedule deployment of the master image for a specific point in time. Deployment can take place via the network or from CD/DVD; when the network is used, bandwidth consumption can be limited through multicasting or network throttling. Ease of use is assured by means of a wizard-driven GUI. Wake-on-LAN enables after-hours, energy-efficient deployment.

Customers tell us that we offer levels of reliability that can’t be found in other well-known brands. Working with us means they can focus on their core work instead of worrying about finding time for system resets. With initial deployment adding hundreds of €/£ to the cost of ownership of each new PC, and deployment taking place more and more.


  • Disk imaging deployment distributes the master image with operating system and applications via the network
    to target systems
  • Comprehensive deployment solution with optimal preparation, reliable distribution and central administration
    and maintenance
  • Versatile deployment options, e.g. adjustable partition size, options for reboot or shutdown after deployment
  • Universal Deploy (additional option) permits hardware-independent deployment
  • Selective deployment via MAC filter protects against accidental deployments (black list/white list)


    • Cost reduction because systems no longer need to be installed and configured manually
    • Increased productivity due to simultaneous distribution to multiple systems on the network
    • Minimization of maintenance efforts since ready-to-use standard configurations can be distributed in no time

      High system availability and minimisation of downtime because damaged systems can be reset to their
      original state
    • Reduced expense since the remote computer can be booted without a boot medium; no technicians are
      required on site
system deployment across the corporate desktop and server environment