AnyData Engine

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Easy, Complete, Safe Data Protection

Breakthrough AnyData technology means you no longer have to choose between powerful and affordable. Data protection solutions powered by the AnyData Engine are lean, modular, secure and scalable. Image-based backups quickly capture and store all data in a universal backup format allowing recovery to any hardware or virtual machine.

AnyData Engine


Key Features

Complete and Flexible New Generation Data Protection

Full Disk and Virtual Machine Imaging
Advanced snapshot-based image backup and recovery of physical and virtual machines. Patented snapshot technology speeds up backup and minimizes system overhead, so protected system does not have to be put off-line during backup.
Unified Backup Format
Data is stored to your choice of disk, tape or cloud using our patented Unified Backup Format optimized for speed, data compression, deduplication and flexibility. High efficiency algorithms reduce storage, IO and CPU requirement and enable unified, fast, easy and granular access to multiple versions of files, applications and systems across all workloads.
Single-pass Block-level Data Management
Eliminates the need for multiple agents for application, file and block-level data capture and dramatically increases speed and efficiency by preserving metadata in Universal Backup Format.
Granular Recovery
From a single-pass backup, granularly recover at the object, file, application or system level
Centralized Management
Flexible, secure and scalable centralized management, monitoring and reporting across hundreds of virtual and physical machines from a single Management Server. Easily manage all your backup policies, groups and backup vaults. Backup activities can also be automatically distributed over your backup window to avoid overloading your networks.
Room to Grow
AnyData technology has little overhead when you are not using centralized management or using it just for a few machines, but could be scaled up efficiently to support thousands of servers and provides you with flexibility of adding new functionality at any time.
Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise Backup
Flexibly backup locally to disk or tape for quick recovery, or to the cloud for Disaster Recovery from a remote location, or to multiple locations. Automatically move backups between locations for varied retention time or long-term archival storage. Choose cloud-based Backup-as-a-Service solutions and let local experts manage your data protection. Same industry leading technology, delivered the way you want it – cloud, hybrid or on-premise.

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